What is ERE

The Mission of the Albanian Energy Regulator Authority (ERE)

ERE is a public legal entity, independent from the energy industry interest and from government institutions. ERE is established on 1995 and actually operates based on Law no. 43/2015, of 30.04.2015 “For power sector” and Law no.102/2015 "For natural gas sector".

The Mission of Albanian Energy Regulator Authority (ERE) is:

  • To ensure a sustainable and secure electricity supply of the customers by establishing an operational and competitive electricity market, taking into account the customers interest, electricity of supply quality and the requests to protect the environment.
  • To regulate the generation, transmission, distribution, and electricity supply activities, which sets the rules concerning:

a) the opening, organization, and operation of a competitive electricity market;

b) the participation in the electricity market;

c) issuing the authorizations and licenses in the power sector;

ç) regulating the activities in the power sector, customers protection, security of supply, and establishing competitive structures of the electricity market;

d) integration of the Albanian market with the regional and European electricity market.