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ERE’s International conference” Albanian Energy Sector, Challenges and Regulation”, October 7th 2010, Tirana

Albanian Energy Regulator for the 15th anniversary of its establishment as aninstitution organized the international conference “Albanian Energy Sector, Challenges and Regulation” on October 7th, 2020 in Tirana.This event was attended by Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Trade and Energy H.E. Mr. lir Meta, Deputy Ministers, international distinguished authorities such as the President of NARUC (National Association of Regulatory Utility Commission) in U.S.  Mr. David Coen,Chairman of the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna Mr.Slavtcho Neykov, Chairman of ERRA (Energy Regulatory Regional Association) Mr. Gabor Szorenyi , 25 Chairmen from Regulatory Authorities in South East Europe Euro Asia, Vice Chairman of MEDREG( Mediterranean Regulatory group) and at the same time Chairman of the Italian Energy Regulator Mr. Alesandro Ortis, as well as the stakeholders in the Albanian energy sector such as KESH, CEZ Distribution, TSO, and also other important investors and licensees in the energy market in Albania.

The main topics of the conference such as Regulator’s role in the energy sector in Albania, its achievements and future challenges were held in 4 Sessions.
Session I – Energy Security of Supply and regulatory aspects – Moderator Mr.Slavtcho Neykov Director, Energy Community Secretariat
Presentations       Fadil Ismajli "KOST"                                                              Nina Grall  "ECRB"                      Olsi Karapici "Energy Ashta" Girolamo Caruso "Moncada Energy Group"   Session II – Efficiency in energy generation and consumption and role of the regulator - Moderator Mr. Gabor Szorenyi, ERRA Chairman   Presentations
      Engjell Zeqo "KESH" Josef Hejsek "CEZ Shperndarja" Price Waterhouse Coopers David Coen "NARUC" Marija S.Velkovski "TAP"
Session III – Regulatory Framework in the energy sector in Albania–Moderator Mrs. Entela Shehaj–Commisisoner ERE   Presentations         Zija Kamberi "AEAI Inc." Besim Islami - Energy Consultant Shkelqim Bozgo - Komisioner ERE William Robb - Consulent Abaz Aliko - ERE Commissione Brahim Nouicer "Algerian Energy Regulator"  
Session IV – QualityStandarts for electricity and customer protection – Moderator Mr. Alessandro  Ortis, Chairman of Italian Regulator for Energy and gas    Presentations                    

  Eduard Elezi -  ERE Director Ilda Bozo - Ministry of Work Entela Shehaj - ERE Commissioner Lavdi Konjari - Chief of Sector In the conference conclusions after it was evidenced the 15th year of experience of the Albanian Energy Regulator and the achievements of this institution in the energy sector, it was also emphasized that the progress of reforms brings new challenges  in the security of supply and improvement of the quality of service which shall enhance the developments and transformations of this sector through the efficient functioning of the energy market and development of competition into this sector. A priority in front of the ERE is the developing of the regulatory framework for natural gas in the Republic of Albania to enable a competitive market and its integration with the regional and European ones and also the attraction of investments in this sector.